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Elizabeth Crocket(non-registered)
Mark, your pictures are stunning! Just went to Goodness Me and purchased a couple of your cards...the one with the baby sleeping (love it!) and the one taken down at Spencer Smith Park. What a talent you have!
Phil Norton(non-registered)
Great images, Mark, and a magical story about how you were called to document the natural world by that warbling warbler. You are using your artistic eye for a purpose, to protect wildlife habitat, not just make pretty pictures...which is what I preach to my photography students. Based in Prince Edward County we have explored as far west as Whitby and Hamilton and look forward to more Greenbelt adventures. Hope to see you on the trails!
Thank you for the beautiful photos. You must have amazing patience to get the best photo. I have my camera close to the entry to my back garden, solely for birds ands plants. I just missed a cardinal. Recently I had I humming bird but couldn't leave to get the camera as I'd miss the show. As I've missed so many bird shots, I think I will take the camera out every time I sit in the garden. I am in upper Stoney Creek and hike so I may take it into the Bruce Trail also. Thanks for the advice by example.
Jan Klyve(non-registered)
Hi Mark,
visiting you web site from overseas - Norway - on a tip from my son Erik. Good work! Many good pictures, some fabulous! And, having lived in Hamiltton (previously) I recognize several of the landscapes, and know the birds and many of the flowers. I've done a lot of photography myself, back in the "actual film in the camera days", however, never quite managed the transition to digital. Ah, but it is never too late, eh?

You have the eye, so keep at it. And perhaps I'll see you someday on Locke Street, or out in the belt!

Best regards,
Wendy Lowden(non-registered)
It seems funny leaving a comment in YOUR guestbook while you are in fact OUR houseguest! lol Mark your pictures are stunning, and I cannot wait until you have a Newfoundland album up. I hope and pray you feel you are just getting a taste of this province and will be back!
Wow Mark! Your pictures are beautiful! Keep up the great work!

The music on your site makes the experience very soothing...
Judy Robins(non-registered)
Hi Mark, nice meeting you today. Hope you get a chance to see the other owls if you head back to Fifty Point tomorrow. I'm betting it will be a fair bit busier; maybe more eyes will help.

Also, you've got some beautiful images here!
Doug Worrall(non-registered)
Hello Mark,
I enjoyed your Images Immensely-Thank you for sharing
your work
Kim Csoke(non-registered)
Hi Mark

Your pictures are amazing ! See your name on Lynn's page at times thought I would have a look. Just beautiful.
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