Story Behind the Picture

A Yellow Warbler first introduced me to nature photography.

Many years ago while on my lunch break, I parked my car at a nearby ravine close to where I worked; a small stream running through it.  While having lunch in the car and enjoying the solitude, this yellow beauty landed on my driver-side mirror seemingly unaware of me inside the car (the window was up).  He would tap on the mirror with his beak or sometimes fly head-first into it.  Wondering if he was looking for a mate or defending territory, I was curious and  intrigued by this little yellow bird's tenacity.  The following day I purchase my first digital camera, a Kodak with a 10x optical zoom.  I returned to the same spot for several days and so did the Yellow Warbler entertaining me with his aeronautics and one-sided love affair with his image in the mirror. I snapped many pictures, but this one in particular (above) became my favourite, I managed to get this beautiful bird in mid-song as designated by the focused upper beak and the vibrating lower beak.  The rest as they say, is history :)